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China Textile Association corporate representatives to visit online Textile City


In September 19th, many textile and garment industry association, the national textile industry textile clothing 2014 party building work experience exchange meeting organised by the contractor, the China Textile City Construction Management Committee co organized by the Chinese research in Ideological and political work of Federation of textile workers from the textile industry in china. China Textile Association vice chairman Yang Jizhao, China Textile Association Deputy Party Secretary Chen Weikang, Zhejiang provincial Party Committee Organization Department two new organizations construction deputy director Xu Jinhua and the Shaoxing municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Keqiao district leaders of relevant departments attended the meeting, more than 100 companies from all over the country's textile and garment enterprises ginseng, online Textile City General Manager Ding Jianjun also invited to attend the meeting.

To carry out the party building work experience exchange meeting, in recognition of the China Textile City and a number of national textile advanced building demonstration enterprises (units) of the party building experience, to win the national textile grass-roots party construction paper personally awarded the honor certificate, vice president of Yang Jizhao industries last party building work report.

Business representatives gathered in Shaoxing Keqiao, is held here in the "2014 national textile industry experience of Party building work exchange", the organizers of China Textile Industry Association also articles enterprise visit online textile city delegation of 50 people, understand the relevant situation of textile business.