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Textile and Apparel Weekly: let the stock to "move"


In late June of this year, online Textile City inventory cloth market officially launched, business users and buyers can directly access to sell to buy inventory, inventory, online docking.

It is reported, online textile city fabric stock market early online has launched 2000 section stock fabric, with "inventory + spot" in the form of online display, sales. These preliminary on-line sales of fabrics are Keqiao manufacturers supply, all inventory spot. The market is intended to information matching, sending the samples as the main mode, build a communication bridge for the supplier and the purchaser. In addition, the inventory cloth market also support orders online sales. The new market every day hundreds of stock fabric, unceasingly for the buyers to provide new sources of supply, to expand the selection surface.

The inventory is no longer a problem

"I this batch of the backlog of curtain cloth is originally exported, door picture than domestic to narrow, it is difficult to find buyers willing to purchase." Keqiao District, a curtain cloth supplier Mr. Wang says, but to his surprise, is such a group of hard to sell inventory cloth, but quickly found a buyer, let him get a much-needed funds.

Originally, a group of 130000 meters of the curtain cloth production Wang half a month ago, intends to export to Dubai. But by the Syria war situation influence, exports, this batch of curtain cloth the backlog down. Foreign curtain door picture is generally 1.5 meters, than domestic to narrow, so half a month, Mr. Wang multi link, couldn't find buyers willing to purchase, and he is the construction of the plant is waiting for this group of capital supplement.

While Mr. Wang anxiety, a specially inventory export buyers find the door, cash on delivery, bought this batch of curtain fabric, and both sides contributed to docking, online Textile City staff is to help Mr. Wang release inventory information in the inventory cloth market.

Zhejiang Mei Sheng Industrial Limited by Share Ltd is a production and management of PU superfine fiber synthetic leather, microfiber suede leather, synthetic leather, suede and printing and dyeing processing as one of the high-tech enterprise entities. The company business responsible person Li Xiaoqiang told reporters that the company originally is the online Textile City registered members, has been interested in the development of e-commerce industry, and this year launched a stock cloth market caused the interests of the company, also joined the team. "Because we believe that online Textile City has a strong appeal, is also a professional to do the electronic commerce platform of fabric, can attract more buyers, solve the problem of the company inventory cloth."

Li Xiaoqiang of online Textile City this inventory cloth market is full of praise, "really very good, to join this platform online inventory cloth market transaction, the amount of information we got greatly increased, unlike the past, stock fabric can give several fixed return inventory cloth customers, the price is low. And now, we are faced with the customer, a large amount of information, we can compare the price, is good for us." Li Xiaoqiang told reporters that the company posted online textile city fabric stock market information, echo is very good: "the company issued the same day will receive a lot of information inquiry, the effect is very good." Have confidence, is Li Xiaoqiang to online textile city stock fabric market, he said, inventory cloth market relies on this large platform of China Textile City, can be said to be the home range, direct supply inventory cloth market, this is a great temptation to buyers. Li Xiaoqiang introduces, inventory cloth market has now formed a big environment, the company will increase efforts to put this to do, keeping up with the times.

Li Xiaoqiang believes that the establishment of inventory cloth market of great help to enterprises in Keqiao, and the textile city on the Internet using the online virtual mode to do the market is good but no harm. "Because online relationships, not only the people of Keqiao, the world's buyers can easily and quickly through the network to understand inventory cloth market specific information to them, this is the line pattern is unable to achieve." Li Xiaoqiang also revealed that the development of inventory cloth market also led the company he their product development and sales.

"The future of online textile city can continue to play to their strengths, the inventory cloth market information released more widely, the online inventory cloth market more mature." When it comes to the expectations for the future, says Li Xiaoqiang.

Inventory is the freezing of funds

At present our country textile industry exists serious inventory problems, the personage inside course of study this analogy, even now all Chinese fabrics enterprises stop production, light is the warehouse of the fabric can also do a set of clothes for everyone in china. The enterprise also has the boss said: "hard busy years, earned money inside the warehouse."

Textile fabric manufacturers inventory is remaining the garment factory, garment factory, garment factory, textile plants, textile mills, printing and dyeing factory. Currently on the market the stock usually of cloth processing method mainly is put in the outlets in Keqiao or the two market (such as Guangzhou, Hangzhou Sijiqing) hanging like sale, if the end of the year have not yet sold, then the majority will low discount one-time treatment, broker sold to two simple classification level distributors to stock stores finally by the store, sells terminal garment factory etc.. Multi link sales greatly lost the fabric's vested interests, but also to let the terminal garment factory chosen to be reduced, also make the inventory sales docking efficiency too low. Reporter visited the inventory entity market, merchants said sales inventory cloth heavily rely on luck, luck, inventory to sell part of bad luck,